Special interests

Going after special interest groups for buying politicians votes is like going after the guy your wife is cheating on you with…Its just shortsighted and idiotic. This country is comprised of nothing but individuals with individual interests and pursuits. What should really grate your cheese are politicians that are obviously ignoring their districts and servicing primarily special interests. These are the people you put into office to represent you, but you’re getting pissed at the ones that are offer the bribes (or what amount to bribes)?! Thats the cart pushing the donkey. Turn it around, you don’t like your rep being beholden to special interests? Vote in a new guy, if he/she fails, vote someone else in… its called political evolution. Once the politicians get a whiff that they won’t have a job very long if they don’t service their constituents at least as much as they service special interests, they’ll starting getting things done that you ask of them. Its pretty simple people. Special interests aren’t the problem, your shitty vote is the problem. Start caring more about the legislative and political process and less about television and Facebook, and there might be some positive progress…


rant over…


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