not much new to report this week….

The second week of my training period for my new job is done… finally, and it looks like I can start getting into something of a routine starting this next week. Which will be nice considering that since sometime in August Ive been, renovating, packing, moving, unpacking, prepping, schooling, fathering, tackling post-move in projects, and training a new job. Literally we have not had one week that was the same as the last for months now, which makes it difficult to relax really. Not to mention that when we have the opportunity for a repeat week, my kid goes and bounces his noggin off the corner of the couch and has to be rushed to the ER for stitches…..sigh. nobody warned me.

The kid is fine, the ‘normal’ work schedule starts this week, so by the time I get caught up on school work and mid term prep, maybe Ill have a chance to get some writing done. We’ll see…..


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