Back-ish to writing….

So Im sitting here in Policy Class, listening to lecture on a bunch of theory I spent all last spring and summer reading directly from the academic’s own books that my prof is teaching from, thinking that Ishould probably get back to blogging like I said I would do on G+….

So much new….. the kid is walking around, terrorizing everything and everyone, but not quite talking yet, I FINALLY got a job offer (which i took of course) but only for a PT position with City of Modesto in the Finance Dept. Basically Im over-educated and under-experienced for government work (which is unusual for local govt, a lot of people with little relevant education and some relevant-ish experience find their way into the local framework and climb the ladder once in. Im hoping that I can bust my ass over the next 8-10 months and find my way into a full-time position.

simultaneously I happened to have a sit-downwith my advisor on campus last night, who also doubles as my least favorite professor for a multitude of reasons, not that hes not a sweet man, his administrative capabilities just suck. In discussing my options regarding a research competition and papers Ive already worked on, the new job came up and he unintentionally managed to get me re-focused on a PhD. For a while, but especially since beginning the interview process for the new job, Ive been feeling kind of bummed about the tight economic situation we’ve been in for a while and Ive found myself leaning towards the possibility of applying for the PhD program ANYWAYS but really just trying to find work and make some money. He just asked me “what would you rather do?” After hemming and hawing a bit, (a job means a career path and income to support my family with unquestionably NOW, but probably to a greater degree less satisfaction, while PhD would mean a few more lean/tight years followed by a legitimate career path that could still support my family AND provide significant personal satisfaction…..) I remembered why I wanted my PhD to begin with…

Ill be getting back to work on my previous paper from the SWPSA conference, trying to advance that and trying to rock an AWESOME PhD app….. feels good to be back to center again….



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