Still here…… I think

So its been 4 months since I’ve posted to this blog, and apparently I cant remember how to type or where any of my admin controls are, not that it matters I suppose. The reality is that I still want to keep my blog up and and utilize it, Ive just allowed everything else in my life to take priority, and rightfully so. Its been a busy 4 months, my son is growing incredibly quickly and is causing more trouble than ever, I’m still working on my masters degree full time, as well as working on outside research that ‘Im trying to get some attention with at a conference or publishing house, my wife and I have moved, I’ve started a new internship, I’m still looking for better work and trying to prepare to apply for one last doctoral program in about a year. I’ve been busy!

Sitting here in the dark at the end of another Black Friday, I figured I’d take the night off from homework and reading texts to touch up my blogs and try to prep and tweak them for some some actual semi-regular work. We’ll see how that all goes. I will likely be posting progress reports on working on these silly blogs on this page (Another Mediocre Blog) and if you are so inclined you can check out my my specific exploits in home brewing or fitness/martial arts at or Anything that doesn’t fall under the purview of either of those magnificent pieces of digital expositionery can be found here, for what its worth. This will be the site where the subject matter is likely to be moderately skizophrenic and the unpopular warts and blemishes of my nerd-ish interests and generalized intellectual pursuits can be found. I’m betting everything from traditional (non-electronic gaming) to baseball, to heavy politics and opinion, to cooking and the paralyzing fear of failing as a father will all see the light of day. Hell, if I get lazy enough, I may just repost my other blogs or something, I dunno.


In other words, keep watching.




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