Time Travel

This fatherhood thing is strange.

I am finding that as much as I need to get out of the house from time to time, I generally don’t want to ‘go out’ as much. I don’t mind going to the store, or the monthly homebrew club meeting, thats not what Im talking about. I mean, ‘Going Out’, like going out and getting stupid, drankin, hitting a concert, hanging out til 3 in the morning. Its not like I was especially prodigious at such things before, sure I would do them occasionally, and occasionally I felt like I really NEEDED to do them, but now…… meh. Not so much.

And still, its not like there’s nothing I WANT to do either, its just that most of what I want to do, that is, things I want to do for myself (not family-type trips or activities I mean) are things that I can just as easily do at home. Watch movies, read, brew, blog, even gaming. I can do all of these things at home, or without having to make a large ordeal out of ‘going out to do’.  Perhaps Im getting old, or perhaps Im getting old enough to just chill. If thats the case, someone be on hand at all times when I ACTUALLY get old, because I suspect Ill be SO chilled that I’ll make comotose patients look antsy. Ridiculous.

Perhaps its preparation for the times when the kid is growing up and Ill need to be at his little league games, band concerts or other extra-curricular goodness. Those are the things Im actually looking forward to doing again. All hail the perspective of history baby.


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